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【亚愽真人软件下载】女网青春剧未完待续 肯宁又一次在她面前乱了方寸
名称:【亚愽真人软件下载】女网青春剧未完待续 肯宁又一次在她面前乱了方寸
斯维亚特克亲吻她的第一座大满贯金杯 图IC

   Zhang Ailing said that "become famous as soon as possible", but in the past few years, the new generation of women's tennis has always fallen "on the last step". Fortunately, Roland Garros in 2020 has finally really started a youth storm. Under the sunshine of Paris, 19-year-old Svyatke and 21-year-old Kenning stood apart in the finals last night. This is after the 2008 Australian Open, Sharapova and Ivanovic competed After the championship, the youngest Grand Slam women's singles final faced off. In the end, Svyatke, who was younger and ranked lower, won the championship.

张爱玲说,“尽快成名”,但是在过去的几年中,新一代的女子网球运动一直“走到最后一步”。幸运的是,罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)终于在2020年真正开始了一场青年风暴。在巴黎的阳光下,昨晚19岁的Svyatke和21岁的Kenning在决赛中脱颖而出。这是在2008年澳网公开赛之后,莎拉波娃和伊万诺维奇争夺冠军之后,最年轻的大满贯女子单打决赛对峙。最后,年轻,排名较低的Svyatke赢得了冠军。

Standing on the podium, Kenning, holding the runner-up trophy, looked at the Susan Langlen Cup in Svyatke’s hands from time to time, with envy, unwillingness, and determination in her eyes. She and this " There will be many sequels to the story between old acquaintances...

站在亚军领奖台上的肯宁站在领奖台上,时不时地羡慕,亚愽真人软件下载不愿和果断地看着Svyatke手中的Susan Langlen杯。她和这个“老朋友之间的故事会有很多续集...

   reappeared yesterday


   Before the start of the game, on the WTA official website, the record of the encounter between Svyatke and Kenning was still blank, and the comment clearly stated: "This will be the first meeting of the two." However, in fact, the first battle yesterday was the "second handshake" of two young girls. Their first encounter occurred as early as 4 years ago.


   In the summer of 2016, 15-year-old Svyatke was standing at the entrance of the stadium with his bag on his back, watching Roland Garros's clay court tremblingly. That was the first time she participated in the Grand Slam youth competition. Because of the lack of rankings, she had to start from the qualifying rounds. Unexpectedly, Lien Chan won the third round. On the other side, 17-year-old Kenning is already a well-known rising star. As the No. 10 seed of the tournament, Kenning's opponent in the third round was a Polish girl with a slightly slurred name. Yes, that was Svyatke.

2016年夏天,年仅15岁的Svyatke背着书包站在体育场入口,颤抖地看着Roland Garros的红土球场。那是她第一次参加大满贯青年亚愽真人软件下载比赛。由于缺乏排名,她不得不从排位赛开始。没想到,连战赢得了第三轮。另一方面,现年17岁的肯宁已经是著名的后起之秀。作为比赛的10号种子,肯宁在第三轮比赛中的对手是波兰女孩,名字稍显含糊。是的,那是Svyatke。

   Before that game, most people were optimistic about Kenning, after all, Sviatek was unknown and lacking experience. But on the field, the audience realized that sometimes ability and ranking are not completely linked. With his changeable points and good feel, Svyatke became the winner, and many people, including Kenning, remembered this little sister who always loves to wear hats. And what happened last night is like a replica of that game. Kenning, the Australian Open champion and top 10 player in the world, once again messed up in front of Svyatke and eventually became the background board for the new champion. . No wonder she sighed after the game: "First of all, Iga (Svyatke) played really well, I want to congratulate her, and then I want to say that it is enough for the same situation to appear twice, and the next time I hope the result will be different."

在那场比赛之前,大多数人都对肯宁感到乐观,毕竟,Sviatek并不为人所知,也缺乏经验。但是在现场,观众意识到有时能力和排名并不完全相关。凭借自己多变的观点和良好的感觉,Svyatke成为了赢家,包括肯宁在内的许多人都想起了这个总是爱戴帽子的小妹妹。昨晚发生的事情就像是该游戏的复制品。肯宁,澳网冠军和世界前十名球员,再次在Svyatke面前陷入困境,并最终成为新冠军的背景板。 。难怪她在比赛后叹了口气:“首先,Iga(Svyatke)表现非常出色,我要向她表示祝贺,然后我想说,相同的情况出现两次就足够了,下次希望结果会有所不同。”

   Seeking common ground while reserving differences


   Although both belong to the new generation of tennis, the styles of Kenning and Svyatke on and off the court are completely opposite.


   In the finals, facing the 14℃ low temperature in Paris, the Polish girl honestly wore long sleeves, but the American girl still played in a short vest. There was a mistake in the game, Svyatke murmured a few words at most, turned around and prepared for the next point. Kenning thought about it, knocked on the net belt and beat the beat, showing his emotions thoroughly. No wonder someone said with a smile: "The two sides in the final are like ice and fire, seemingly incompatible, but they both enjoy it very much, and they can produce a special chemical reaction." In all fairness, they have been "dominated" by a slightly monotonous scream for a long time. Later, the women’s tennis world really needs such a personality and contrast, just like this time at the French Open, letting people see a new atmosphere.


   The way of playing can be very different, but for Svyatke and Kenning, one thing must be the same, that is, the two are not willing to make success "short-lived". After winning the Australian Open at the beginning of the year, Kenning unexpectedly stopped in the top 16 at the US Open. At one point, it was worried that she would repeat the mistakes of several seniors. The stumbling in the first few rounds of the French Open has made people sweat for her psychological endurance. Even Svyatke, who just won the championship, has been looked down upon by some people, thinking that she may embark on the old path of Ostapenko. To these questions, the two answered exactly the same: "There are many uncertainties in the future. What you can do as players is to train hard, play well in every game, and strive to win more tournaments and Grand Slam victories." It can be heard that after the trip to Paris, the two young girls have set their sights on the future, and the new generation of female players represented by them may open a whole new era.


Reporter Lu Weixin


   digital talk


  1 Svyatok aspired the French Open women's singles champion yesterday, becoming Poland's first Grand Slam singles champion.


2 The 19-year-old Svyatke is the second unseeded player to win the French Open women's singles championship after Ostapenko in 2017. He is also the youngest since the 18-year-old Seles reached the summit in 1992. French Open women's singles champion.

2 19岁的Svyatke是继2017年Ostapenko之后第二个赢得法网女单冠军的无种子球员。他也是18岁的Seles自1992年登顶以来的最年轻球员。法国公开赛女单冠军。

  13 Svyatke is the first French Open women's singles champion who has not lost a set in 13 years to win the championship. The last one was Haining in 2007.

13 Svyatke是首位法国公开赛女单冠军,她在13年内没有丢盘赢得冠军。最后一个是2007年的海宁。

  54 Svyatke ranked 54th in the world during the French Open. She became the lowest-ranked women's singles champion in French Open history since the introduction of the ranking in 1975. After winning the championship, her world ranking will jump to 17th.

54 Svyatke在法国公开赛期间排名世界第54位。自1975年引入排名以来,她成为法国公开赛历史上排名最低的女子单打冠军。获得冠军后,她的世界排名将跃升至第17位。

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