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【亚愽真人软件下载】贝尼特斯盛赞防疫:赛事组织很成功 欧洲做不到这样
发布时间:2021-10-13 01:33:01

Netease Sports reported in Dalian on September 26:


At 15:15 on September 26, the pre-match press conference of Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao and Dalianers was held in Dalian. Dalian coach Benitez said, “There may be foreign players who will return to the national team in the future, but I hope there will be a good result.” Evergrande coach Cannavaro said, “Every player is seriously cooperating with my work. Everyone is eager for the competition. This is how everyone's participation and enthusiasm shocked me.


贝尼特斯盛赞防疫:赛事组织很成功 欧洲做不到这样

Benitez said before the game, "In this game, we have to play against the team with the best performance in recent years. I hope we can play well. Although we are evenly matched with the opposing gestures in some games, we are still not doing well enough. To enter the top four, focus on playing the next game. There is not enough time to prepare too much tactically for a game in three days. It is better to help players recover physically and mentally as much as possible for the next Get ready for the game."


For tomorrow's game, Benitestein said that there may be players with fewer games. "Some players felt very tired after the last game. I hope that tomorrow's lineup will also be very competitive.

对于明天的比赛,贝尼特施泰因表示,可能会有更少的球员参加比赛。 “上一场比赛后,有些球员感到非常疲倦。我希望明天的比赛阵容也很有竞争力。

The second stage of the game is coming soon, how do Dalian people prepare for the game? What changes will be made to foreign aid? Benitez gave the answer, "First of all, we will play this game well, and then we will take a few days off to give the players time to adjust and help them recover their physical fitness. I hope our players will be more competitive in the next stage. .We are talking to different countries


Cui Mingan said, “Tomorrow’s game we will follow the coach’s tactical requirements and use the usual training content in the game, and strive to play every game in the future.”


Cannavaro said before the game, “I gave the team a day off yesterday, and today I had the last practice before the game. I played a rainy battle, which consumes a lot of players, plus the intensity of the game in the first stage of this year. It’s not bad. I don’t want to increase unexpectedly towards the end. I am satisfied with the results achieved by the team members through their hard work. Tomorrow’s game will have nothing to pay attention to for both sides, nor will it be too exciting for both sides. Tomorrow Some fans will also be allowed to enter, so it is also a good place. I believe that the team will be 100% invested in the game and hope that the first stage of the game will end in victory."


Cannavaro said, "This year I have encountered an experience I have never had before. It is difficult for teams to leave the hotel during the closed period. Of course, I have changed a lot. From the first day to the present, I have The requirements of the players are very strict and demanding, because once there is a little slack, it may continue to slack. From the game point of view, there are some games we do lose some points, but there is no game where we have no resistance or there is controversy in the game. I was deeply impressed by some of the moments,


Regarding the use of young players, Cannavaro said, "Young players need a cycle to grow, but some people may have high talents, so they can grow up in a short time. Last year we had many young players and we won the league championship. I still agree with the Dalian people’s development goals. Their efforts under the leadership of Benitez coach. Although we are not sure about their season goals, with such a difficult start, there is still a chance to compete in the end. Let’s look at the number of places in the championship group, so they are doing a good job. This is also through the game to find and improve the problem. Compared with last year, the thickness of the bench has been strengthened, and their results can be seen when they change. The most important thing is It’s about young people preparing themselves, not whether the coach gives a chance. There are a lot of positive things in the first stage, and we found a lot of problems, but how different is the second stage from the first stage? There are also many in the competition system. We are not sure about the change. The most important thing is that everything we did before tomorrow’s game has gone to zero."


Deng Hanwen said, “The team is now ranked first. There will be no changes in tomorrow’s game, but as players we will enjoy the process of the game and will play every game well. This year’s season is different from the past. Everyone compares for more than 60 days. It’s difficult. We can only help the team with victory and make the team happy every day. We also strive to keep winning and make life here happier."


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