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   Source of manuscript: Football News




   In another match of the same group at night, Zhejiang Greentown lost 0 to 1 against Daqin Zhishui, Shaanxi. Although this small "upset" does not affect the Hakka team's group ranking, it also disrupts the group situation-if Greentown scores 3 points, Hakka and Greentown will join hands to advance the championship two rounds in advance. In the last two rounds, the Meizhou Hakka will compete with Greentown and Shaanxi Football. The future is uncertain.


   In the first 7 rounds, Meizhou Hakka led the standings with 4 wins, 3 draws and 15 points. Jiangxi Liansheng had 1 win, 1 draw and 5 losses, and the points were the bottom. In the first round of the contest, the Meizhou Hakka beat its opponent 4-0. In this game, the Meizhou Hakka sent their main players to play, and Dunbia and Giesen joined forces to start. The Meizhou Hakka team had a good start. In the 15th minute, Cui Wei made a left corner kick to the goal. Liang Nuoheng headed into the close corner and the opponent goalkeeper Zhu Jiaqi flew into the rescue. Subsequently, Meizhou Hakka’s second left corner kick was issued, and Liang Nuoheng then received Cui Wei’s cross and header, 1-0.


   After leading the score, the Meizhou Hakkas became more and more brave. In the 29th minute, Giessen obliquely plugged the ball on the left, Liang Xueming took the ball and broke into the penalty area with a right foot shot, the ball went straight to the far corner, the Hakka team extended the score to 2 to 0. Since then, Jiangxi Liansheng has obviously strengthened its pressure on the midfielder, while the Meizhou Hakkas performed carelessly and finally paid the price. In the 39th minute, Jiangxi Liansheng attacked to the front court, Shang Yin took the ball to the penalty area and shot a cold arrow. Although Hakka goalkeeper Hou Yu struggled to save, he could not prevent Jiangxi Liansheng from regaining a victory.


There was a dramatic scene in stoppage time in the first half. Meizhou Hakka's frontcourt set-up kick was issued, but the opponent's clearance ball fell to Shang Yin's feet. Shang Yin rode thousands of miles away, and Hou Yu abandoned the door to rescue but failed to prevent the opponent from entering the penalty area. Chasing Xiao Zhen rushed into Shang Yin, the referee decisively awarded a penalty kick, Shang Yin took the penalty, Liansheng tenaciously tied the score 2 to 2.


After    changed sides, the Meizhou Hakka coach Marcelo, who was dissatisfied with the team's performance, replaced Chen Guokang and Huo Liang with Guo Yi and Li Junfeng respectively. Then Marcelo dispatched troops again, Dolly replaced Giessen on the field, in the 60th minute, Liang Xueming crossed from the right, Dunbia headed, the ball hit the crossbar and popped out, Jiangxi Liansheng escaped. In the 82nd minute, the Meizhou Hakka continuously attacked. Dolly received a pass from his teammates and got rid of the defender in the penalty area. Liansheng defender Russell overtook Dolly in a panic. The referee whistled and pointed to the penalty spot. Dunbia took the penalty. The Hakka rewrite the score to 3 to 2.


Regarding the current results, Cao Yang, the general manager of the Hakka Football Club, said: “First of all, from the perspective of preparations, the team’s training is relatively early and the training is better. Although the league’s starting schedule is constantly being pushed back due to the impact of the epidemic, we The team has always maintained normal training, and the players worked very hard. This is a foundation for the team to play well."


   This year, the Hakka team has introduced strong players in both domestic and foreign aid. Cao Yang said that this is also one of the reasons why the team remained unbeaten in the first eight rounds of the first stage. "This year, the signings are in place, and the team has improved in terms of overall strength. For the Chinese League match system, we have played 8 games so far, and we have done a good job in physical reserve. The team has played so far, We have maintained the first place in this division, and it is a normal performance overall." Cao Yang said, "This season foreign aid Dunbia is very good, the team's offense is around him. Dolly has also overcome many difficulties, today's game played a good role. It works very well."

今年,客家队伍引进了国内外援助的有力力量。曹阳说,这也是车队在第一阶段的前八轮保持不败的原因之一。 “今年签约已经到位,球队的整体实力有所提高。对于中国联赛比赛系统,到目前为止我们已经打了八场比赛,并且在身体储备方面做得很好。到目前为止,我们保持了该部门的第一名,总体来说是正常的表现。”曹阳说:“本赛季外援邓比亚非常出色,球队的进攻就在他身边。多莉也克服了许多困难,今天的比赛起到了很好的作用。效果很好。”

   Liang Xueming, who scored a goal in this game, is one of the successful signings of Meizhou Hakka this year. Regarding the team’s current results, Liang Xueming said: “We have been training very hard since the winter training. When many teams are still resting, we have not stopped. We have been training systematically. In addition, everyone’s goals are very high. Clear and uniform. Under the leadership of the coach, everyone has typed out the usual training, and the results will naturally be guaranteed."


As of the evening of the 7th, Meizhou Hakka is the only team in the first eight rounds of the first stage of the league to remain undefeated among the 18 teams in this year’s China League. It is also very competitive even in the second stage of the super group. Liang Xueming said: "Now our team has a good atmosphere and good cohesion. From the first stage to the present, even when we are behind or dead on the court, we always feel confident that we can win the game. The situation is also very good now, the second stage If there is a chance, everyone wants to take a shot."


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